Pakistani Scandals

Pakistani Scandals

Boxer Amir Khan Affairs with Girls Exposed after Engagement

Posted: 29 Oct 2012 09:17 AM PDT

BOXER Amir Khan cheated on his fiancee by romping with two girls on the same day.

Amir, 25, betrayed Faryal Makhdoom on a lads' holiday in Marbella. A source said: "He was surrounded by girls."

One of the two girls who romped with the former world champion yesterday warned his fiancee: "Don't marry him."

Tanya Reid, 26 — kissed by smooth-talking Amir in a hot tub after stripping down to her undies — said she had no idea he was engaged to New Yorker Faryal, 21.

Fury … Tanya did not know about fiancee

Solicitor Tanya added: "Now I know he's engaged, I think he's an absolute slimebag.

"I feel sorry for her. If I could say anything to her, it would be 'Don't marry him because he is a cheat.'

"He properly came on to me. I didn't have to do anything."

Amir frolicked with Tanya in the tub at a nightclub on the same day he romped with another woman — promotions girl Natalie Kane, 25.

The holiday flings will be heartbreaking for Faryal, still coming to terms with allegations her fiance bedded a blonde model two weeks before they got engaged.

The former light welterweight world champion hit it off with the two girls while on holiday with mates in Marbella, Spain.

He chatted up Natalie first. She met up with the boxer four days running, partying late into the night with him and his entourage.

Night tub … boxer with Tanya

They got on so well she stayed at his holiday villa for two nights.

Amir took Natalie to a champagne party at the resort's Ocean Club — where bikini-clad girls shake bottles of bubbly and spray it around the poolside.

A Marbella source said: "Natalie and Amir were together most of the day. He was pouring champagne in her mouth and at one point they slipped in the pool together.

"He picked her up and they fooled around splashing each other. He was throwing her into the air. They looked like they were having the time of their life. Natalie was flattered by Amir's attention and she thought he was very good looking.

"She had no idea he was engaged and he didn't mention Faryal at any point. He had the time of his life down here and was constantly surrounded by gorgeous girls.

"You'd never have guessed he had a girlfriend."

After one of her overnight stays, Natalie headed off to work — agreeing to meet Amir later at the exclusive Aqwa Mist nightclub.

Naughty, Natalie … brunette spent two nights in Amir's Marbella villa

He headed off to the club early and entertained himself by chatting up Tanya and persuading her to leap in the hot tub with him.

Tanya, of Bristol, said: "I thought 'F*** it. I'm on holiday, your underwear is like a bikini — just do it!'

"I'd left my shoes on so I didn't lose them but he ripped them off and threw them out of the pool.Then he started kissing me and I thought 'I'm kissing Amir Khan!' "

But hours later Amir was back with Natalie, of Tamworth, West Mids. After meeting up as arranged the pair headed back to his villa. A source said: "At the end of the night it was Natalie he wanted to go home with.

"She came to the club to meet him. As they left a guy pinched Natalie's bum. Amir glared at him and said 'She's with me'."

Amir tried to defend cavorting in public with the girls while he was still in Marbella — by going on Twitter to declare his love for Faryal. He said: "U all know I'm engaged and love my fiance @FaryalxMakhdoom to bits.

"I'm on holiday here with my close friends. Me and Faryal trust each other regardless where in the world we are."

A spokesman for Amir said yesterday: "While our client does accept that he and some friends were in a Jacuzzi in Marbella and that there were women there and some light-hearted byplay, our client did not have sex with any woman on that trip."

Fling … Nat and Amir in Marbella

The Sun told last week how Faryal was demanding a showdown with model Natalie Fox after she claimed to have bedded Amir two weeks before his engagement.

Amir has insisted it happened a year earlier. He and Faryal got engaged ten months ago when he gave her a lavish a £100,000 ring set with three diamonds.

He raved about her when visiting her in the Big Apple.

He said: "A lot of girls back home have said to me, 'Your girl is beautiful' — and that's great because people can be so jealous.

"But Faryal is so humble. Anybody who meets her is going to fall in love with her. She's got no edge, she's just a terrific person."

He told The Sun of his plans to familiarise her with the delights of his hometown of Bolton. He said: "I'm going to introduce her to a pasty barm — a cheese and onion pasty stuck inside a roll.

"And I'll take her for fish and chips — maybe even an ice-cream if she's lucky! We'll also try to squeeze in a Bolton match. I know New York is an amazing city but our future lies in Bolton. She can't wait to live there!"

On a visit to the town, Faryal said: "The people in Bolton are great fun… one day this will be home."

Rise of Khan-do ring ace

AMIR Khan started boxing when he was just 11.

He became the youngest Brit to win an Olympic boxing medal when he took silver at Athens 2004 aged 17.

The Bolton-born lightweight turned professional the following year racking up a string of victories before being KO'd in the first minute of round one by Breidis Prescott in 2008.

Power … Amir in ring

He moved up to light welterweight and defeated Andreas Kotelnik to claim the WBA world title ten months later. He added the IBF crown in 2011. In the summer he lost to Danny Garcia. Amir is currently training for a bout against undefeated Mexican-American Carlos Molina.

In 2007 he starred in Channel 4 series Amir Khan's Angry Young Men which aimed to show how boxing can help troubled youths turn their lives around.

But just a month later he was convicted of careless driving and given a six-month ban for injuring a pedestrian while travelling 47mph in a 30mph zone.…ella-romp.html

amir khan

natalie kane with amir khan boxer


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Court orders the owner of Prostitution Center to spend an hour daily with Molana

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Cheif Justice high court Peshawar ordered the owner of a prostitution center to spend an hour daily with Molana of Zarghoni Mosque. Molana sahab will preach her daily.



Stage Actress & Dancer Nargis is converted to Islam after Scandals

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Dancer Nargis stated that she is innocent and she never paid some one to kill. She has stopped working on stage for last 5 months and now she will wear scarf and proper hijab.


List of Most Corrupt Pakistani Politicians Who Accepted Money from ISI

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Here is a list of most corrupt politicians of Pakistan who accepted the money from ISI the Pakistani Agency and worked as they wanted.

isi money

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Raheela Magsi Wife of Nadir Magsi (PPP MNA) Abusing on Camera

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Check the following video to listen the abusive language used by the Raheela Magsi wife of Nadir Magsi.

Raheela Magise wife of Mir Nadir Magsi exposed by pakistaniscandals

Raheela Magsi


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